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The Firm Chapapría-Navarro & Asociados has a Department specializing in
Administrative Law that serves both institutions and companies and individuals.
Thus, we offer personalised legal advice in the administrative phase and
Contentious-administrative for all kinds of matters before the public Administration,
Including the Legal Directorate in Urban planning instruments and defense in
The sine of sanctioning procedures.


Within the scope of Administrative Law, the Firm has a Department
Directed by the managing partner, Juan Chapapría from which reports are made or
Legal opinions to respond to consultations and legal defence on this
Specialty. Planning, programming, management and urban discipline and
Expropriations. Drafting of plans, programs and urban documents.
Advising on the negotiations of the clients with the different Administrations

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We Attend any matter related to the criminal, both in the defense and in the
Indictment: Injuries, gender-based violence, scams, economic crimes, laundering of
Capitals, crimes against public health or political crimes among others.
Criminal Law is one of the most serious areas and a bad choice in its
Counseling can bring very serious consequences for you. We recommend that you
Just rely on expert criminal attorneys who are confident to assume your defense.
Among the most requested services, we emphasize:

  • Complaints, allegations.
  • Breathalyzers, injuries, threats.
  • Traffic Accidents.
  • Corporate Crimes.
  • Corporate compliance or Penal Protocol for companies.
  • Civil Liability for the crime.


The Family Law is composed of a set of legal norms that govern the
Personal and patrimonial relationships of the members of a family. These Standards have
The purpose of solving or preventing conflicts that often arise between the
Spouses or cohabitants and between them and their descendants. At the Law Firm
Chapapría-Navarro & Associates We have expert marriage lawyers in
Marital or coexistence crises, as well as in paternal-filial relationships, knowing
Adapt the most effective solution to each case.

The services that our lawyers offer, within the framework of Family Law, are the

  • Divorces of mutual agreement or litigation
  • Economic Consequences of crises: compensatory pension, food, use of
    Family housing.
  • Consequences in relation to minor children: shared custody and visitation
  • rupture of unmarried couples: economic consequences between the cohabitants (Pensióncompensatoria or compensation to the most disadvantaged cohabitant and use of family housing) Yconsecuencias in relation to the children.

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The inheritance Law is composed of a set of rules that contain the
rules to order the succession mortis causa, as well as to solve the conflicts that were
They arouse among the heirs as a consequence of the transmission and subsequent distribution of the
property and rights of the deceased. At our Law firm In Torrevieja We have expert lawyers on the subject, whose purpose is to find the most effective and economic solution to each case; Because the interest of the client is not only to reach the most appropriate formula to resolve the succession conflict, but also that the solution is the most favorable from the point of view
Tax. In this sense, our firm advises the client in a comprehensive manner in the
The elaboration of wills as well as in all the processing necessary to obtain a
Distribution of hereditary assets as beneficial as possible to their interests.


It Is Quite common for a house to have several owners, and that some of them
Decide not to continue that co-ownership. For these situations our Civil Code has
A tool called a condominium extinction. The Action of extinguishing that
Condominium is collected in the Civil Code, and is also called the division of the

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When an overdue and unpaid debt appears and the customer contacts
We, from the Law firm in Torrevieja proceed to the claim in the first place by the extrajudicial way, then, in case of not obtaining success in this way, to initiate the way
Proceedings according to the appropriate procedures:

  • Court Of Justice (in the face of liquid and callable debts).
  • Verbal judgement of Claim of quantity (debt less than 3000 euros).
  • Ordinary judgment of quantity claim (debt greater than 3000 euros).
  • Exchange Trial (Bills of Exchange, cheques or promissory notes).

Within the scope of civil law we also take care of matters such as:

  • Urban and Rustic leases: Resolution of all conflicts that
    themselves may arouse.
  • contracts: Drafting and analysis of all types of contracts.
  • people Capacity processes: Incapacitating, Conservatorships,
    Appointment of tutor and accountability.
  • Processes on judicial authorization of sale.
  • Verbal Judgments of new work, of resumption of the successive tract, and of
    registration of Farms.
  • declarations Of Dominion.
  • usucaption (Domain acquisition preScribing).
  • Nullity of Contracts or Pacts.
  • Enforcement of real rights.
  • Claim of Liability for damages arising from
    Accidents and Negligence.
  • Contractual breaches. Resolution or execution of contract and claim of


Our Team of lawyers Located in Torrevieja offers legal Advice On issues of immigration law for non-resident citizens who require planning and regulation of tax Matters related to their Condition.
Among The services we emphasize:
NIE Management
Taxation Of non-residents
Taxation AND VAT Return To non-residents
recognition In Spain of judgments dictated abroad
Golden visas
Heritage Management
Residence permits In Spain